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Title: The 3 Themes of Amanita.
Post by: Wrenbot on December 25, 2012, 02:48:41 am
So, we currently have the following series from Amanita, each with a specific theme and setting:

Samarost: Space
Machinarium: ..well, machines obviously, Robots and Steampunk
Botanicula: Nature

I like how Samarost has a nice balance between the tech of Machinarium and the organic scenery of Botanicula, and I wonder if this is a coincidence or a conscious design decision.

If there is a 4th series, what could its theme be? What would Amanita like to work on, and what would the fans like to see from them? :)

How about something based on local Czech folklore, with magic and classic fairytale elements like witches and princesses and stuff? :P Something like that done in the Amanita artstyle would be freakin beautiful!