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Title: To the creators of Machinarium
Post by: boojit on November 15, 2010, 08:25:54 pm
I just wanted to tell you that I completed the game yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I can't believe how many people I see complaining about the difficulty of the puzzles, because that was my favorite part. I just want to let you know that at least some of us enjoy this level of difficulty and I really hope you don't decide to "dumb it down" for your next venture.

Oh another thing: good job with the DRM-free release. A friend of mine bought the game and gave me a copy so that I could try it out. After I completed the game I bought myself a copy. If the game was full of DRM, I doubt I ever would have had a chance to play it. I know, the demo, but I doubt the demo would have gone on long enough for me to fall for the game.

Anyway, good job all around!