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Title: Humble Frozenbyte Bundle
Post by: divit on April 14, 2011, 11:22:31 pm
There's a new Humble Bundle, and as the name suggests this time all the games are by Frozenbyte (

This gets you Trine, both Shadowgrounds games, a pre-order of Splot and Jack Claw, a game they stopped working on in 2008. It also come with soundtracks for all the completed games and the source code for Jack Claw, so other people can help finish it. All the completed games are for Windows, Mac and Linux. Jack Claw is not for Linux yet, though that will probably change. It also needs an Xbox 360 controller. An update for Keyboard and Mouse is on its way.

No Trine 2 stuff though  :-[
Can't have everything.

By the look of things it should be on sale until at the stroke of midnight (GMT+1) between Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th of April. That might be wrong, so if you want to check there's a countdown on the bundle's site.

Oh yeah, it's pay what you want, and you can choose where your money goes - to the designers, to charity or to everyone. You can't send your money into the void of nothingness though, disappointing as that is.

Finally, the last two bundles got additions as more was donated to them. The first bundle got Samorost 2.
The Second Bundle got the first Bundle.
The more you give the more likely it is that something cool will happen.

And if you use Steam, Desura or OnLive you can get a key to activate your bundle on those things.

And it turns out there is Trine 2 stuff - a three track soundtrack preview to be precise. (This was extra stuff for selling more than 100,000 units)

And of course all the files are DRM free.

And I should probably say that the charities are Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There is also the choice to send money to the Bundle itself.