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Title: Machinarium keeps crashing X
Post by: Max on August 10, 2011, 10:02:47 am
I purchased Machinarium through the The Humble Indie Bundle, and it looks like a really great game, but I can't play it :-\
At first the game would load, I could play for a little bit, and then X would crash.
I got as far as the third screen, but now the game won't even load anymore. I get the Flash message "Press Esc to exit fullscreen" (which doesn't work, I've seen the thread) and then nothing. No logo, no game, nothing. I have to Alt+F2 to pkill the process or Alt+Tab back to my terminal and kill it.
I never got it to go to a windowed game from ingame, that keeps crashing X.
So, what can I do about this?
I can't seem to find any editable config files, and the binary doesn't seem to accept any arguments.
My relevant specs:
CPU:      Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU      T2450  @ 2.00GHz
RAM:      1GB
Graphics: Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (Intel)
Kernel:   2.6.38
Flash:    Adobe Flash player 10.3

It seems that the demo works fine in my browser. Is there a way to play the full game in-browser?

Title: Re: Machinarium keeps crashing X
Post by: Max on August 10, 2011, 02:22:56 pm
I wasn't running Machinarium from the proper directory, so it couldn't find any files. Once I ran it from within the proper directory it ran, and i was able to exit fullscreen mode and it no longer crashes X.