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Title: Mac Monday: Machinarium
Post by: ABoretz on October 13, 2009, 03:31:25 am

"Mac Monday (" review of Machinarium: (hey, leanne, check out this quote) "One look, and you immediately know that this was not a game crafted in America."  (Whoop!  he he ;D)

((they're right, of course, and I'm only kidding you 'cause I know you have a good sense of humor  ;)))

And, JD?  This one is for you: "All in all, however, the all-too-brief demo did make me want to play more of it, just to see what else is waiting around the corner of this inventive and creative world."


Title: Re: Mac Monday: Machinarium
Post by: leanne on October 13, 2009, 08:29:23 am
eheheh, thanks ;) well yes, although there is some great stuff crafted also in america, but then again, i wonder if i could decide from the first glimpse, that machinarium has been invented in chech country, they tend to be genial sometimes, these chechs! (have you ever read chach children books? especially milosh macourek! i envy the chech children)

(hm the forum doesn't like s with roof that makes it sound like sh)