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Title: Machinarium in the classroom
Post by: Alex on December 05, 2011, 08:33:52 pm

Elsewhere on the forum we have a few examples of how the Samorosts ( 1 & 2 ) have been used to engage young students in the classroom.  ( samorest (,61.msg233.html#msg233) and Samorost(s) being used in classrooms (,85.msg338.html#msg338) )

A new example - this time using Machinarium - was posted today:  "How To Engage The Disengaged ( An English teacher discovers digital literacy really works"

"Machinarium: an interactive game which inspired a class of previously disengaged students to produce some fantastic work in their English lessons."

Title: Re: Machinarium in the classroom
Post by: Alex on March 15, 2012, 07:55:29 pm


"Players need to use critical thinking skills when playing games. Problem solving and decision making skills, together with logical thinking, sequencing and strategy-making are all reinforced.  James Paul Gee ( argues that playing a game is like a continuous stream of assessment.  If you fail to work out what steps need to be taken, and in which order, you will not progress further in the game.  Games such as Samorost ( (and other games created by Amanita Design (, including Samorost 2 ( and Machinarium ( are fabulous for all the skills mentioned above.  Kids love to play them together, and thrive on the challenge of coming up with possible solutions to rather daunting problems."

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