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Title: My Solution to Lost Games
Post by: NewKid on April 26, 2012, 10:18:19 am
I bought Machinarium Collectors DVD and installed this onto my PC (Windows 7). Very upset to find I lost my games and read these forums.  From what everyone says about the files being wiped when the internet closes, I have done this:
1.Launch computer with Internet completely disconnected and OFF
2.Open Machinarium - Start or Resume Game and keep open whilst you connect to the Internet. (If the game is on full screen, use Alt and Tab buttons together to return to your desktop).
3. Start using your Internet and SAVE and Close Machinarium
4. When you have finished using the Internet, DO NOT CLOSE IT DOWN YET, Open Machinarium before closing the Internet.  Once the Internet is shut down and you have disconnected, then you can again Save a game to be on the safe side and finally close down Machinarium. (Unless you want to play again of course!)
This so far has worked for me and I am enjoying the game very much.
I know this is a botch job when you simply want to enjoy either the game or browsing your internet without having to open the game, but as we all love the game so much it won't hurt until we have finished it!?  I hope this works for others without having understand coding and other technical stuff.  Let me know

Title: Re: My Solution to Lost Games
Post by: NewKid on April 26, 2012, 12:49:23 pm
Thought that I would add a little extra reasoning why I think this works.  You need to be aware that I know nothing about technical stuff on a computer.
When the internet is closed down, it deletes all the cookies and temp files and the forums have indicated that this affects the Machinarium game.  I thought that as my game is from a DVD that it would not be affected by the internet, but the game is run by Adobe Flash and all the settings are through the internet I think?  I kept losing my games too and was so upset and then found this forum.  I adjusted the Adobe settings but that was no good.  I read about putting in the patches/coding but I didn't understand, and anyway, I don't like to mess around with botching on my lovely computer.
Therefore I thought if the game is open before the Internet is opened it would mean it was in play at the time.  Then if the internet is shut down before the game is closed then how could it delete the temp files or cookies?  So I experimented and it has worked.  I can now shut down the computer and the next day I am able to start playing again, as long as the internet is not on when the computer starts up.
For your information, I keep my computer very simple.  I have one or two addons.  I use Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.  I keep everything clean simply by housekeeping the computer myself. I do not have any installed cleaners or other stuff going on.

Title: Re: My Solution to Lost Games
Post by: Alex on April 26, 2012, 04:13:28 pm
Thanks for your contribution, NewKid.  Yes, Internet Explorer 9 is definitely known to delete saved games.  So it makes sense that leaving IE9 dormant while you start Machinarium would keep your saved games safe.

As for the "Saves.exe" program one of the programmers at Amanita Design built, it's really very simple to use and won't ever "botch" you lovely computer.   ;) ;D
I had a prolonged back-and-forth with someone here about how to use it and you can read through that thread if you're ever curious about that method of keeping your saved games safe.  link: (


Title: Re: My Solution to Lost Games
Post by: NewKid on April 27, 2012, 09:48:41 am
Thanks Alex for reading my viewpoint.  I will certainly have a look at the thread that you recommend and consider trying this.  What's funny is I should have taken my own advice as I just lost all the game!  I thought I could open IE9 whilst off line to copy favourites into a file but nope - it cleared the lot!!  Never mind I was on Level 13 /14 and I will enjoy having another go! Thanks again for the reply. :D

Title: Re: My Solution to Lost Games
Post by: Alex on April 27, 2012, 06:28:13 pm
Quote from: NewKid

...I just lost all the game!

Sorry about your lost saved game.  ( i know how frustrating that can be! )

However, you have the option of downloading one of our pre-saved levels and continuing the game from that point.  Have a look at the "Shared Machinarium .sol Files (" thread.
In there you will find our "Machinarium .sol Stash (" (it'll be obvious to you what it's about when you visit that link)  The only "technical" thing you need to do is have a look in the "Win FAQ (" where you will learn where to save the machinarium.sol (save file) you download on to your machine.

Once you download and "position" the appropriate saved game level in the appropriate directory on your PC you can start Machinarium and continue game-play from there.  If you have ANY questions about what I just wrote you don't hesitate to ask.