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Title: Downward compatibility for OS 10.5.8
Post by: cript on May 31, 2012, 01:28:24 pm

As well as some other people here, I bought Botanicula after having read a test of the game on a french site (
As you can see, system requirements are also somewhat "false" there... and I cannot play now Botanicula with my OS 10.5.8.

Like others, I admit the amanita design work is marvelous, but it IS unfair that we cannot run Botanicula on a OS version not as old as Windows XP for PCs!
The developpers should (imho) try to give a little patch which can allow to run botanicula on Leopard, at least!

If it is impossible, could they explain here on the forum why, please?

Thank you in advance.