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Title: ipad save file
Post by: roopus on June 01, 2012, 05:00:36 pm

I started playing on a mac and then decided to move over to the ipad.  I tried copying my Machinarium.sol to IPad2Machinarium.sol on my ipad (it's jailbroken), but the save files are incompatible.  I was able to open the IPad2Machinarium.sol in a sol editor (.minerva), but all of the fields are in a language I don't understand so I have no idea what I need to change.  Unfortunately I was unable to open the Machinarium.sol with .minerva, so I can't just change the differences.

Does anyone know what exactly I need to edit to get to a certain level?  Or are there ipad save games somewhere?  I am just past the part (TINY SPOILER) with the cat, so it would take me a while to get back there.

Thank you.

EDIT: if anyone else is looking for the save file on the ipad (for backup or whatever), you can find it like this:

$ ssh ipad
ipad:~ root# cd /var/mobile
ipad:/var/mobile root# find `pwd` -name MachinariumIPad2.sol
/var/mobile/Applications/$APP_ID/Library/Application Support/net.machinarium.Machinarium/Local Store/#SharedObjects/MachinariumIPad2.sol

Since it's in the Library directory, I think it's backed up by itunes, so there are probably other ways you can get to this file!  Maybe even for non-jailbroken ipad users...

Title: Re: ipad save file
Post by: roopus on June 02, 2012, 10:46:18 am
Nevermind, I ended up just redoing it.  It takes a lot less time when you already know how to solve all the puzzles  :P.