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Title: Infinity Tab: stuck at lift (bug?)
Post by: nuke on November 22, 2012, 11:18:16 pm
Hi everybody,

I am using the Infinity tab and had a great time playing machinarium so far!

But now im stuck at a position in the game, which has been reported before in the q&a forum - at the lift at second time (after obtaining the batteries from the vending machine) and im not sure if thats not a bug of the control / touch screen.

Basically, my problem is not to start up the lift (just ask the girl in the kitchen again for the pipe), but after I started the engine, the lift controller doesnt accept the correct button combination anymore. I mean I can set the button configuration (i know which one is correct), and then the lever can be moved a bit, but somehow i cant pull it completely to the bottom, so I cant make the lift moving! Frustrating   :o

Does anybody observe a similar situation? Maybe its not a bug, but a part of the quest, then tell me pls :p

Thx & Cheers