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Title: [Bug] Missing item in Oil Bar
Post by: islan on January 31, 2013, 11:23:14 pm
I just got Machinarium off PSN due to the sale (was planning on waiting to get it on PC, but at that price...) and I've been really enjoying it.  But then I got to the town area, and I got stuck.  I ran around like crazy before eventually finding out that an item that I was supposed to pick up in the Oil Bar is missing (never picked it up, it just isn't there).  The item supposedly lets me catch some flies.

I really have been enjoying this game, but in a game like this (point-and-click puzzle game) such a bug is REALLY annoying, as you keep thinking you missed something and keep on visiting and revisiting areas looking for whatever it is you missed.  Only by finally admitting defeat and looking up a walkthrough was I finally able to tell I even ran into a bug.