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Title: Floex new LP "Gone" available for preorder, coming on Aug 23!
Post by: Mariya on August 12, 2013, 12:42:03 pm

Listening  :)

Post by: Alex on September 14, 2013, 07:25:51 pm
Sep 13, 2013 update from Dan at Minority Records (

Floex's new EP called "Gone" is already out for some weeks and as you probably know, there are two videos made to celebrate this release and available now on YouTube:

Floex - Gone feat. Never Sol (directed by Andrea A. Stuart) (

Floex - Veronika's Dream (directed by Tomas Hajek) (

Both videos are also available as part of the digital download, along with additional bonus track "Veronika's Dream" (Dikolson Remix), with "Gone" 10"LP.

The vinyl album is now available in Minority Records online store for decreased price of 12 EUR + shipping costs
(5.50 EUR within Europe and 7.00 EUR for outside Europe) by September 20!

To place you orders online, please visit Minority Records online store at: (

Thank you & best wishes,


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