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Title: Best Regards for now, 2014 and the far future !
Post by: Lulu213 on December 01, 2013, 09:57:12 am
Hi !

I wanted to contact all indies for christmas and new year but couldn't, I sent this message to team meat, I am making a follow-up to you in case you could transmit my best regards to the indies community, Thanks. Here is the original message I leaved on Team-meat website :

Dear Team Meat,

I am trying to send a grouped-mail to the indies developpers whose I played their games. I knew a few want to be unreachable to preserve free time and privacy.

Just, thanks you to everyone, I know Indies since 2008 with World of Goo. Now I am happy to know people who respect my favourite passion. VIdeogames are the ultimate art for me. Graphics, Sounds, Musics, Animations, Story telling, Involving Process by playing... I would have dreamt of being a game designer or a videogame critic (like there exists Painting-critics) ; actually I am very disappointed by most of recent "video game website" (I found one recently who makes excellent reviews : ginx-tv). I know you can't answer me. Just say thanks and the best regards, christmas, luck and everything you need to those people :

Jonathan Blow, Playdead, Amanita Design, Kyle Gray and Gabler, Galactic Cafe, Supergiant Games, Capybara, Jim Guthrie, Superbrothers, Davey Wreden, Alexander Bruce. One special thought to Phil Fish, who decided to leave this "industry" : I am so sad for him I almost cried when I read his resentment. Thanks you guys, I wish you the best of the best for your life, family and everything you now care about and for your future project, be they professionnal or not. And again, thank you to respect my passion.

Your dear friend, Lucien.