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Title: No Electricity After Exit Elevator---SOLVED
Post by: Spartan20 on December 19, 2013, 02:02:35 am
Hi, and thanks for all the great information, tips, and walkthroughs.  However, search as I might, I've been unable to locate the problem indicated in the subject title.  When I exit the elevator, there's no lights on...just no power at all in the hallway.  If I try to move the lever to move the vac, the lever will move, but not the vacuum. If I go to the power switch on the wall by the bathroom to try to turn on the power, the robot just keeps going into the bathroom---which is also without power

So, I've search and searched.  Any thoughts on solving this?  I'd hate to just call it quits. :'(  I'm playing in IOS 7 on an IPAD MINI, with, I think the latest game release.  Comments?  Thanks in advance.

Okay, here's the solution.  You must touch Juuuuuuuust the right spot on the electrical switch by the fat fingers allowed. And I mean the target pixels are small. IF you hit the target, the box will open and the robot can power-up the room.  Hopes this helps others as I have been helped in the past...good luck!