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Title: [GNU/Linux] Smoother Gameplay via External Flash Player
Post by: Virus666 on December 22, 2013, 05:15:07 pm
Hi there,

As you know, Machinarium is a Flash based game which uses a bundled Flash Player in order to run. For some reasons (licence, copyright, lack of time and/or personel) GNU/Linux version of the game uses an outdated version of Flash Player; This version of Flash Player has performance issues and sound lags; even the hardware accelaration is disabled...

As 22th December 2013, there are two current Flash Player versions for GNU/Linux; these are:

  • Firefox and stand-alone:
  • Google Chrome: 11.9.900.170

The Flash Player for Firefox is stuck in the version of 11.2 and receives only security updates. The Flash Player for Google Chrome is being actively supported by Adobe and Google; receives regular performance updates and fixes.

What I tried and succeeded is to run the game with Google Chrome, Firefox and stand-alone Flash Player. The version of Machinarium that I used is the ".tar.gz" version from Humble Bundle. I am pretty sure that the other DRM-Free Linux versions of Machinarium may work with the method that I found.

After extracting the game from tar.gz; we will have 4 folders and Machinarium executable. We need to extract game's .swf file from that executable.

dd if=Machinarium of=Machinarium.swf bs=1 skip=$(grep -abo CWS Machinarium|cut -f1 -d:|tail -1)

Now, all we need to do is to drag and drop Machinarium.swf file to Firefox or Google Chrome; the game will run in the browser. The game should work smoother after disabling the hardware accelaration.

However, if you play the via browser, even you make it fullscreen by pressing F11, the window size remains 80%, it cannot be changed. If you would like to play it %100 window size you will need to use stand-alone Flash Player; Linux Flash Player 11.2 Projector content debugger works for you:

Launch flashplayerdebugger executable and open Machinarium.swf. Now, you may have smoother game performance while playing 100% window size.

By the way, the performance of the game with the Flash Player of Google Chrome is better then Flash Player of Firefox or stand-alone Flash Player for Linux because of version number difference. If you would like to use the Flash Player of Google Chrome but you have privacy concerns related with Google, you may use that Flash Player with Chromium;

Enjoy...  ::)

Title: Re: [GNU/Linux] Smoother Gameplay via External Flash Player
Post by: Virus666 on December 22, 2013, 05:29:28 pm
Here are some caps from different Flash Player versions:

Original Game:




Google Chrome: