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Title: TO HELP OTHERS mp3-Botanicula format error on Box Edition
Post by: Lulu213 on December 25, 2013, 09:26:56 am

I bought the game Botanicula BOX version.
I extracted the mp3 to listen the soundtrack on my Hi-fi station.

I couldn't, the title of the music was displayed but the music was stucked at 0m:00s.

I had before done the same with the mp3 of the DIGIT version.
It worked.

I compared the 2 files and noticed the problem.
On the "Genre" parameter (under "Details") : "Unknown" was written, instead of NOTHING.
So I deleted the "Unknown" text mention and now it still doesn't work.

My Hi-fi station can't laucnh the mp3 from BOX version CDRom but still the mp3 from DIGIT Version.

In case of need, I can send the pictures "before" and "after".