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Title: Playing Samorost 1/2 on android
Post by: SleepyUser on November 25, 2015, 08:58:33 pm
Little guide on how to play Samorost 1/2 on your android
device. [Probably won't work on a regular iOS device since they
aren't able to download files from the internet. As far as I know]

First of all, you will need to have adobe flash installed on your
device. Here's a link:
Compatibility is mentoined on the site provided. Altough
flash should be installed on android by default :)
If the above won't work, this place has a guide and links
for a Adobe Flash apk file:

Next you will need a SWF file viewing app,
here's a link for a free one. But any will do.

Last, you will need the game file itself.
Samorost 1 is free and downloadable here:
(Thanks Lamkin for providing the link ;D)

Samorost 2 is not free,so no link for you guys :D, but in case you own the
game, do some digging around in the game's
folder, in case you find .swf file/s, put it/them in one folder
and put the folder onto your mobile device.

Now simply open the files through the swf viewing app,
and there you go, you are now able to play the game on
you android device.

Also keep in mind that clicking tiny stuff can get a bit annoying.
As the app won't optimize anything but just resize the game to match
your screen.

Note for Samorost 1: Extract the folder and keep all files INSIDE the Samorost folder,
you will launch the game via opening the "main.swf" through
the swf player.