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Title: "GS Group launches Russian game console with set-top capability"
Post by: Alex on March 02, 2016, 10:22:02 pm

From article: (

"The Android OS-based device features games from developers including Creative Mobile, Sperasoft, Handy Games, Herocraft, Amanita Design, Frogmind and Sigma Team including The Nitro Nation Stories races, Farm Invasion shooter, Ice Rage hockey simulator, Machinarium quest, Badland arcade and other games."

"The group says that, while the box’s full funcationality [sic] is available when connected to the General Satellite server set-top box, it can be used as full-featured game console without subscripting to satellite TV services."

And, no, "General Satellite server" is NOT a pseudonym for SkyNet (  Nothing to worry about.  Play on.

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