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Title: Botanicula lags horrible on galaxy note pro 2014 edition
Post by: Kazekai on May 09, 2016, 05:24:43 am
I used to play this game all the time on my kindle fire HDX and it worked fine, I got it in the humble bundle because it's pretty much impossible to get paid android games on a kindle fire any other way. (Google won't let people have the raw .apk files, probably to prevent them from doing exactly that. >_>) so even so it wasn't supposed to be on that device it actually worked just like the PC version and it was great.

But a couple months ago I got a galaxy note pro so I could draw on the go and have a proper android tablet that I didn't have to root or mod just to get to do the things a normal android tablet should be able to do, but botanicula runs horribly on this tablet and I don't know why since spec-wise it's more powerful than my HDX was.

I thought it was just the humble version of the game so I got it off google play and nope, it's pretty much every version. I contacted amanita about it but they never got back to me so I waited a little over a week and tried to contact their twitter where I usually get a response and they still didn't answer me so now I'm asking here. I can't imagine my tablet is too weak to run a game I could get to work on a kindle fire and it has better specs than my fire did so the problem must be software-related.

Since I can't get the devs' attention to maybe fix this I'd like to know if there's some backend thing I can do to make the game work. It isn't taking up that much RAM when I look in the task manager so it obviously isn't taxing my system.

Title: Re: Botanicula lags horrible on galaxy note pro 2014 edition
Post by: SleepyUser on May 21, 2016, 08:46:35 am
If you have widgets and stuff like that running in the backround,
shut them down or erase them. Also, you might try to download
a performance boosting app.

If none of those work, there's something the devs need
to fix. If they aren't responding, send them mail a few
more times, the subject being bold etc.