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Title: Contacting Amanita Design
Post by: Alex on August 26, 2016, 07:28:46 am

The "About (" tab (along the top of the screen you're looking at) used to be the way to contact Amanita Design support staff.

That has changed.  Now, when you click on "About" you will see a "Contact (" tab on the far right of the screen you come to.

Here's the info that's provided on the new "Contact" page:

  • If you bought a game via our website and you can't find the download link or you have other issues please read this FAQ ( (Please note that Humble Bundle is our e-shop provider)
  • The game is not running: Please first try to close the game and start it again, if it won't help, try to uninstall and install again, maybe also download the app again. If nothing help, please contact us through the SUPPORT contact form below.
  • If you want to report any technical issues (glitches, bugs etc): please be specific about the game, platform and device/hardware (Nexus 10, iPad mini 4 , Windows PC etc.) and your system (e.g. iOS 9.3, Windows 10 etc.).
  • Linux support in our games: We use various technologies and try to support Linux where it's possible but unfortunately sometimes it's hard or impossible to provide stable Linux version. For more check our forum (

Press and Business
  • Please don't contact us if it's not important. We are small team, busy making games. Answering emails is not our favorite activity.
  • If you want to share a footage from our games (Let’s Play videos on YouTube etc.): no problem - you have our permission (no need to contact us).
  • We don't do any contract work.
  • We have no job or internship positions currently available.