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Title: [Article] Video Games Are Cool, But Floex Wants to Play Floorball
Post by: Alex on November 18, 2016, 08:10:41 pm

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After working on such a big project [Samorost3], do you feel the need to change your musical output? Are you taking a break from video game soundtracking?

I think the break comes naturally. I am really looking forward to diving into my own musical projects. Actually, it is already happening. I’ve got another unfinished album. It is a collaborative album with London-based pianist Tom Hodge and the Czech Radio Symphonic Orchestra. This is my current project. Besides that, I recently went to New York, where I worked on a theatre piece with dancer Tami Stronach. Together with guys from Initi Interactive, we have developed a new kind of musical instrument based on light. It is very exciting and we want to continue to develop it more.