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Title: [Article] Five of the best games for your phone or tablet
Post by: Alex on June 12, 2017, 08:14:41 am
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"The Czech company Amanita Design has long been known in enthusiast circles for their utterly unique fantasy games. Samorost 3 - a point and click adventure about a gnome’s journey from planet to planet in a homemade spaceship - was warmly received as one of their strongest efforts yet.

It is a game that’s as strange as it is beguiling. It encourages you to poke around at its alien environments, and rewards you with stunning sights, memorably odd setpieces, and even some unexpected musical numbers. There’s not a word uttered: the objectives and story communicated through sound and visuals alone.

Ultimately, Samorost 3 has charm and wonder to spare - it does its own thing entirely, and soars because of it."