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Title: Chuchel Chuchel Chuchel!
Post by: Alex on June 28, 2017, 03:56:12 pm

Chuchel is taking a trip to Žilina, Slovakia this Friday (30.06.2017). Come and see his fancy hair up close at Fest Anča Game Days 2017 (!

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Jaromír Plachý
Czech Republic
Amanita Design /

Chuchel is an in-progress game by Amanita Design studio. The point-and-click adventure game filled with humorous animations features main character Chuchel, who embarks on a long adventurous journey towards a coveted reward: a cherry. He is accompanied by Kekel, who firstly tries to get the cherry for himself – but eventually they join forces to reach their shared goal of the fruit. This grotesque game has been in the making since 2012, and it creators had previously worked on Botanicula. The presentation will include an exclusive preview of completed parts.

Jaromír Plachý is an artist, animator and game developer. His cooperation with Amanita Design began with Machinarium and continued with Botanicula. Chuchel – set for release in 2017 – is his most recent project.