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Title: Compliments to Amanita design
Post by: iason on December 10, 2009, 10:18:55 am
I should communicate more often with designers and makers of remarkable products such as music, movies or software.
I should pass gratitude and give positive energy to such people as the makers of this game, before I leave this world.
Personally, I consider "Machinarium" one of the best games I've ever played.
The story, the visual style, the music, the little details form an excellent piece of entertaining software.
Thank you Amanita design for giving me the chance to enjoy such a game.


Title: Re: Compliments to Amanita design
Post by: Yohmi on December 16, 2009, 01:24:05 am
I'm joining iason in this movement, I'm stunned by Machinarium.
In fact, I love adventure games, I play them since more than ten years now, and through the years, this genre seemed to disappear, to be forgotten, and I felt like it'll never wake up again. I'm so happy you know, when I see such talent in this art... from music to drawings, to animation, and of course all the game system (it's not that easy to balance difficulty and make puzzles that are logical, clever but not obvious - trying Discworld reminds you how difficult it is).

This hand drawn style is incredibly great, I too am bored of all this smooth and ipsy-pepsy clean 3D... of course, guys like TellTale ones do an incredible job, but it's funny how there is still debates about the lack of almost every human sensibility in most of 3D games, even in TellTale forum. Still, we know why they do that, because of budget, because of monthly releases, sure. Anyway, when I see your game I know that even if they're not wrong, they can't be totally right either.
Soul of music and picture remains in the harmonics... all those scratches you hear in Dvorak's soundtrack, all that texture, that inexactitude, the same you can hear in a not-so-well balanced guitar from and old guy you can cry for on the street. Like silver photographs, like vinyls, like hand drawn designs. There is spirit, these robots drawn by human hand have more humanity and soul than computer generated 3D humans.

Thank you so much, it was only two days and a few bucks for me, and everlasting month and month of work for you, so I just can thank you, I hope Machinarium's selling great, and good enough to give you the not-so-bad idea of making a sequel or a starting a new genuine licence.

Yohmi, from Paris :)

Title: Re: Compliments to Amanita design
Post by: razputin on December 19, 2009, 01:14:56 pm
The only problem with a fantastic game like this is that it ruins all other games that are nowhere near as nice. :)