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Title: Stuck in the Incerator!
Post by: kenritz on December 21, 2009, 11:31:49 pm
 Woe is me! :P  Can someone help me out please? :-\  I think that I crossed the wires on the shelf that "Josef" leaps on after the claw picks him up. So now I subject poor "Josef" to be thrown into the incinerator constantly! :'( :D             I have all ready used the walk through, :-\ but to me it`s not clear. I can`t click on the shelf, to redo the wiring, so is there a way to reset the room without having to go back to the beginning of the game?

To the makers of " Machinarium "..........Josef is about as real as he can be, his movements, his attitude, and his ability to make me smile, are the likes that i`ve never seen before in a animation or game, wonderful piece of ART!
There has to be another " Machinarium "!!!!

                               Thank you for all of your help! ;)

                                      Kenny ;D 

Title: Re: Stuck in the Incerator!
Post by: ABoretz on December 22, 2009, 06:42:56 am

Funny that you are caught up exactly where I stumbled recently on my second time playing through the game.   :D
What I finally figured out was that I only had to cross the wires on one side of the circuit and not to reverse all four pairs.  Doing the latter just caused the contraption to run as "normal".
  [ see pictures here (,3366.msg10018.html#msg10018) ]

I know this sounds confusing but carefully check out the Walkthrough (,542.msg2717.html#msg2717) for "The Furnace" and you'll surely get what I mean.  ;-)

As for "resetting the room", forget it.  There's no reverse on this thing.  ;->  Just keep trying different lever settings until you find the combination that will lift Josef back up to the point that he can jump onto the platform so you can then re-wire the circuit up there and stop being tossed into the furnace.

Lastly, there's something else I've realized since playing through twice now - Machinarium is not a "time trial" game with GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals waiting for you at the end.  It's a place you go to and have experiences.  When the experiences become frustrating you're allowed to bail out and start again another day.  (kind of like dreaming ;-)

Title: Re: Stuck in the Incerator!
Post by: kenritz on December 22, 2009, 11:15:46 am
 Hiya ABoretz!          Thanks for you kind reply! ;)  So no reverse huh! :D        I guess I`m kind of out of luck for a quick fix! :P ;D

Your right a fine wine, we should savor the taste and enjoy it, and not become mired down with frustration! ;)   I will follow your suggestions, and go back to the mines and dig some more! ;D

                                Sincerly, ;)

                         Kenny Ritzel ;D

PS. Alex would you mind if I PM or E-mailed you? ;D

Title: Re: Stuck in the Incerator!
Post by: mickeygfunk on March 16, 2013, 09:41:21 am
i have been stuck in this spot for weeks myself.
i changed the wires and now whenever i try to lower the arm (up position), it will just fidget a bit.  the rotating part still rotates (down position).
how in the world do  get the claw to come back down? i can't reach the platform to re-change the wires.