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Author Topic: Linux FAQ  (Read 14479 times)
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Here's how to use a shared Machinarium.sol file if you're running Gnu/Linux. Smiley
This is only information about save files on Linux. If you search for a complete FAQ for Linux users, see “Linux FAQ”.

Machinarium.sol file location
(you should play at least a level before that, in order to create an original save file and find its location)
According to how you launch the game, the file can be at different places:

If you launch Machinarium directly from its folder (extracted from the tar.gz), you can find your file at:
(“randomword” is a series of characters like ABCDE123, “localthing” can be #localWithNet, localhost or localwithnet)
For instance, if Machinarium is set in the folder /opt/Machinarium/, the file is at:

Note that the .macromedia folder is usually hidden. File navigators often offers a menu entry (View → Show hidden files for instance) and a keyboard shortcut (like Ctrl+H) to display it.

If you launch Machinarium with a launcher (see “Create a launcher on Linux”), the file is located at:
(“randomword” is a series of characters like ABCDE123, “localthing” can be #localWithNet, localhost or localwithnet)

Using a shared Machinarium.sol file
Once you've located you save file, it is advised to back it up. For instance, rename it Machinarium.sol.backup or something similar.
Make sure of the game is closed. Then place the new Machinarium.sol downloaded from the forum where was yours.
Relaunch the game.  Smiley

Machinarium.sol saves not only the game but also video configuration (80%/100%, windowed/fullscreen). If you had set specific game display options before, you will have to set them again.
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