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Author Topic: IGF Finalist Showcase: Visual Art Excellence  (Read 9842 times)
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Samorost is a land of surreal imagery and endearing characters that are all accessed through your browser. We should know: we mentioned it as one of our essential indie games for the 2008 holidays. http://news.bigdownload.com/2008/11/26/feature-15-indie-games-for-the-holidays/

Now comes Machinarium, which, while not surreal in quite the same way, still manages to confuse and please at the same time. Its combination of simple adventure gameplay and highly detailed graphics mark Machinarium with the seal of quality, and the IGF judges definitely took notice.

Machinarium is, at a glance, a game about robots and the mechanical world they live in. It wouldn't be a game by Amanita Design, though, without the intricate graphics and smooth, modular animation. Machinarium does not disappoint in this regard. Everything looks like a painting or a photo, and is so well designed that you can't help be feel charmed by the characters and the environment that they live in. Rock solid art design in every aspect cements machinarium as one of the prettiest 2D games we've seen around.

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