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Author Topic: Negative points of Samorost 2  (Read 7396 times)
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« on: May 31, 2011, 02:23:31 am »

Well, I have already created the similar topic in the Machinarium forum and now I want to create this one for "Samorost 2" for the same purposes.

And I want to mention the same thing in this topic. I would like to have a patch which would give the opportunity to change the music volume independently of the sounds volume.

Link: http://machinarium.net/forum/index.php/topic,1486.msg6835.html#msg6835

First of all I want to say that "Machinarium" is my favorite game ever (!) and I don't want only to accuse developers in some subjective thoughts. I've decided to create this topic to help developers to see some points of their games which can be created, fixed or updated.

The main negative point for me is that the game has only one volume bar for music and sounds. I think that in such games there should be two volume bars. As for me, sometime I want to play the game with sounds but without music (for example, when I don't know how to go farther and have got stuck in some place, I want to think without music but with sounds (even if here plays such a great music, written by Tomas), despite of it the music is playing, and playing, and playing...) Smiley, sometime I want to play the game with music but without sounds (for example, when the player finished the game for the first time and plays it for the second he wants to listen all the music while he playing, because he's already know what to do in the game).

If Amanita Design can create the patch for "Machinarium" that would appear two volume bars (or at least the button with option to quite the music), it would be just perfect!
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