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Author Topic: article: Why Amanita Design Brought Machinarium To iPad2  (Read 7646 times)
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« on: November 11, 2011, 12:55:20 am »

From this Gamasutra article.

"We've been interested in tablets since the first iPad appeared. I love the idea of tablets as a gaming device -- it's similar to books or magazines. You can play anywhere and especially in relaxed conditions." - Jakub Dvosrky 

other highlights:

"It would probably be possible to make the game work on iPad 1 if we re-do it again from scratch, which is still a possibility. We've been rewriting the game for some time already to bring it to PS3, so we hope we'll be able to tailor that version for other devices." - JD


Despite the recent release of the improved iPhone 4S, Amanita still is not considering porting Machinarium  to smartphones, citing that "the screen is just too small, and without zoom functionality it would be unplayable. However we'd like to bring our next game to smart phones."

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