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Author Topic: How do I get help with this program?  (Read 8884 times)
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« on: October 11, 2011, 07:05:27 am »

How do I get help with this program? I'm trying everything everyone is suggesting and it's not working. Emailing the company directly got me no response. My frustration is that a gazillion people seem to have a working game. I'd prefer a working game to a refund bc I'm tired of playing solitaire! Really wish this company would put forth a little more effort in the area of customer service. Here's me asking "Please" really nicely..... Sigh...
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Quote from: Mnhscheel

How do I get help with this program?

People get whatever help we can offer here on this forum when they engage us with really specific questions that include detailed descriptions of their situation so that folks who have already gone through the game on their iPADs can recognize and respond to those questions.

For example, you have yet to state what version of the game you're playing: initial release or the Version 1.1 upgrade ( now up to Version 1.2 ) or even whether or not you ever got past the "Frozen" problem you first posted about.

Sorry, but Machinarium requires ALL of the iPAD2's memory resources to run smoothly.  You are just going to have to cold start your iPAD and go directly into the game without any other apps running.  Otherwise you will encounter problems.   Undecided

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