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June 20, 2024, 09:12:46 pm

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Author Topic: Machinarium not downloading to my new Nook HD+  (Read 8658 times)
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« on: June 07, 2013, 04:46:44 am »

I bought Machinarium several months ago and downloaded it to my Nook Tablet. It worked great. I recently bought a Nook HD+. Every one of my apps have downloaded and installed from the Nook cloud except Machinarium. When I open the game, it tells me it needs to download additional files. I press GO. The screen then says [downloading audio] --0 bytes to read-- retry 1 - QUIT. Nothing happens after that. It appears to be frozen and it eventually times out and goes back to the home screen.

Any ideas why the files are not downloading? Since everything else downloaded without problem, it isn't the network connection or the hardware. This is my second HD+. It downloaded to the first HD+ fine, it is only my new one so it isn't the HD+. There isn't an SD card in it.  I have tried it at several different times over the last 2 days with the same result. What else could it be?
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Quote from: SherryT
This is my second HD+.  It downloaded to the first HD+ fine, it is only my new one so it isn't the HD+. There isn't an SD card in it.

Hi SherryT,
I'm not a member of the support staff, nor do I have any prior experience with Nooks... but it seem that the obvious reason your 2nd HD+ won't download the game is that it lacks an SD card.

Also, looking at a comparison between the Nook Tablet and HD+ (which you can see for yourself here) it's mentioned that something called the "Maximum User Storage" of the HD+ is half that of the Tablet.  (which is why ~ I'm thinking ~ you need that SD card in the HD+ for your download to complete)

If adding an SD card to your new HD+ doesn't help... then, well, I'm sorry but that was my best shot.   Grin

The thread is open to (and enthusiastically accepting of) any contributions from seasoned Nook users.

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