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Author Topic: Looking back, looking forward with devs of the Independent Games Festival  (Read 5504 times)
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From January 26, 2015 article By Morgan Ramsay:

Amanita Design, headquartered in the Czech Republic, has become one of the most prominent indie collectives. Since the team was founded in 2003, Amanita Design has developed a number of IGF award-winning games, including: Samorost 2, which won Best Web Browser Game in 2007; Machinarium, winner of the Excellence in Visual Art award in 2009; and Botanicula, which only two years ago in 2012 won the Excellence in Audio award.

“Botanicula wasn’t created by the core Amanita team,” clarified Jakub Dvorský, founder of Amanita Design. The game was created by animator Jaromír Plachý, programmer Peter Stehlík, and the music band Dva, which consists of Bára Kratochvílová and Jan Kratochvíl. Dvorský contributed to design and production. “We hired Jaromír as an additional animator during the production of Machinarium and found out he is not only a brilliant animator with his own unique style but also a talented game designer despite having never done that before.”

Currently, Amanita Design is hard at work on Samorost 3, which is “bigger, more detailed, and more polished than Machinarium.” Plachý and Dva are working on an unannounced title, too. Dvorský would only say that their new project is the funniest game he has ever seen.

Asked what the Excellence in Audio award meant to the team behind Botanicula, Dvorský answers that he wasn’t surprised when the game was nominated but the team isn’t “too sentimental” about winning awards. “The real satisfaction comes from the players.”

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