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Author Topic: IndieGamerReview's Top 10 Mobile Games of 2016  (Read 5929 times)
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"Games on this list should in the same way justify their existence as mobile games by using the medium. Maybe portability is enough, but actually exploiting the fact of a touch screen gets major bonus points. This year we see an abundance of brilliant logic puzzles, with some Roguelikes and puzzle platformers thrown in for good measure – in other words, a happy iteration on the standard mobile/tablet fare. If anything, the design keeps getting leaner and more concise. Music gets better and tutorials more efficient."  link

  • 10. IMBROGLIO by Michael Brough iOS
  • 9. [THE SEQUENCE] by Maxim Urosov iOS, Android
  • 8. NIGHTGATE by semidome Inc iOS
  • 7. STEAMWORLD HEIST by Image & Form iOS
  • 6. DOG SLED SAGA by Trichotomy iOS, Android
  • 5. TWOFOLD INC. by grapefrukt games iOS, Android
  • 4. _PRISM by Clint Siu iOS, Android
  • 3. 1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY by iNK Stories, N-Fusion Interactive iOS
  • 2. STEVE JACKSON’S SORCERY! PART 4 by inkle iOS, Android
  • 1. SAMOROST 3 by Amanita Design iOS (they left out Android)

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