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Author Topic: CHUCHEL is getting his first reviews!  (Read 4176 times)
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« on: March 06, 2018, 05:41:19 pm »

Destructoid seems to be happy about the game giving it 9/10: "Trying to find fault in CHUCHEL, though, is a pretty pointless endeavor. The game sets out with a simple goal, achieves it beautifully, and doesn’t waste your time getting its point across. I don’t really know how much better this could get."


Rockpapershotgun says: "Chuchel is a tour de force of animation, every scene so vibrant and hilarious, colourful and manic, the slightest tweaks in character facial expressions eliciting guffaws. Every new scene is a glorious delight just to look at, before you even start playing with it. And then, as you click on every element on the screen, delightful, silly and gorgeous things happen. This is a game where I find myself trying to work out what is the correct solution to any given puzzle, just so I can avoid clicking on it before I’ve clicked on everything else. I exhaust every repeated joke until it loops, don’t mind when they do, and call people in from other rooms to see the funniest moments. Chuchel is, beyond belief, wonderful."


"Machinarium devs' Chuchel is one of the funniest games we've played"


"The developers at the Czech-based Amanita Design are among the boldest, most distinctive stylists in video games. The eccentric worlds of Samorost, Machinarium, and Botanicula burst with meticulous details, and they balance their busy artistry with gentle music and characters who speak in a gibberish that's translated into pictogram speech bubbles. These are relaxing games, as beautiful as they are slyly comedic. And with their misshapen bodies and babbling accompaniments to the background music's unusual vocals, the creatures that populate Chuchel sit very much within the Amanita Design house style. But the sparse dreamscape they populate is something new."


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