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Author Topic: AUDIO: An interview with Lukas Kunce of Amanita Design  (Read 4969 times)
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"It's the week of the Game Developers Conference here in San Francisco, which means devs from all over the world are in town to show off their games, talk about how they're made, and throw business cards at strangers.

Lucky for us, Lukas Kunce of Amanita Design, creators of point-and-click classics like Machinarium and the Samorost series, was kind enough to sit down with me away from business card firing range. We had a nice chat about their most recent game Chuchel, what they're working on now, and the future of adventure games.

We also learned a bit about what the studio is working on now, including a horror game and another built of 3D scans of cardboard creations. For fans of fluff, we also discussed whether Chuchel will get the plushie treatment, what the hell the blockchain is, and brainstormed what an Amanita shooter would look like. (Hint: it won't look like anything.)"


Here is another link to the (audio only) interview.



8:30ish = Amanita are "natural people", which is why their games take place in forests and other such environments.

9:00ish = The band is not called "D" "V" "A"... they're called "Dva".

9:45ish = Floex will contribute his music to one of the "four secret projects" soon.

10:00ish = DVA are working on a new Jara Plachy project (namely: "the horror game")

11:50ish = "friends of Floex" are collaborating on the music for future games (hidden orchestra?)

12:55ish = "Kindzabab" (pronounced, ginzabob) in Chuchel means: "Cherry"

13:45ish = Amanita will soon no longer make "point-and-click" games.  They will be "totally different".

16:25ish = "There will be more detailed games to come".

16:55ish = We keep getting Machinarium 2 requests, but we are not working on that.

18:00ish = Due to Machinarium Amanita Design are now self-sustaining.  So no more side-projects.

19:45ish = Amanita crew is now about 25 people.

22:15ish = There may be a Chuchel franchise in the future, but not a "standard" sequel.

23:20ish = They ARE working on a Chuchel plushie!!

24:50ish = Amanita is moving away from point-and-click eventually.

25:50ish = The main goal is that we make something that we love.  We're not aiming for any particular market.

26:50ish = "What video games inspire you guys?"  Half of the guys don't care about video games, they just want to make art.  "Kingdom Come Deliverance" game is what the rest are always talking about.

31:52ish = In one sentence can you explain Blockchain?  "No."

The rest was Game Geek Speak...  Wink

38:ish = Will Amanita always be in 2D?  "No."

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