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Author Topic: "City of Darkness" will be an amazing candidate  (Read 9236 times)
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« on: January 28, 2010, 03:32:16 am »

i have a great story that ive written 5 long chapters, actually more like 5 episodes to. i had originally proposed it to be a comic book, and had some friends help me organize "Team Darkness" wich was 3 artists, 2 musicians 3 writers strong, and we were going to take it to the next step and create a short animated series but time blew through the cracks and it all kind of faded away, me being the only writer of that story, its all mine, but i have no art or music to go with it. as well ive also through the years written a few other short stories and descriptive narritives. "city of darkness" is just the first really serious endeavor ive had into writing, i have some other great titles such as, "along the shores in a dream", "different ways of leaving this place", and "sleep" i played your game "machinarium" and it is phenomenal, i have watched some of your other flash movies and played through some of your flash games, id like to correspond with someone about adapting "city of darkness" to your artistic format, id really like to see what we can accomplish together, send me an e-mail and i will describe the story to you. thanks   -john bryce goodwin    alephisto-at-yahoo.com

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