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Author Topic: The Illusionist (and other films, why not)  (Read 6481 times)
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« on: August 22, 2010, 10:02:59 pm »

The most beautiful film I've seen in ages.
It's an animation about a French magician living in 1950's Edinburgh with a teenage girl who followed him from the highlands (described by the director (Sylvain Chomet) as a father-daughter relationship). I don't want to write the plot, it might get in the way (if you see the film).
It's almost a silent film - people do speak, but there were only about four sentences that I understood, and three of them were unimportant. The two lead characters occasionally say words in French or Gaelic; side characters get the occasional word in but on the whole it's incoherent while still telling you all you need to know. The plot is told by actions, and managed to be just as expressive as anything else.

My laptop's running out of power so I'll finish this later. (Edit: well, maybe not. Who can tell)

If you can, see this film.
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