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Author Topic: Floex interview with GameMusic.net  (Read 7867 times)
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« on: January 11, 2012, 07:33:20 am »

"I would love to work on another Floex album immediately,  but it is not so easy. At the moment I am still trying to support Zorya  by concerting and stuff. I have several ideas for some more conceptual albums, for example I became really interested in writing singed songs, i have taste to make ambient album, i have taste to make clarinet album, i have taste to make dance album, loads of things. It is like being in restaurant where are great things and you would like to eat all of them but for sure I have to decide just for one dish, and maybe some small desert! Floex music is super hard case for me, I always go to the edge of what is possible for me, it takes loads of time, and there is Samorost III on the way so at the moment there is no idea when could this happen and how it will be."

link: http://www.gamemusic.net/interview.php?id=3159

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