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Author Topic: The 3 Themes of Amanita.  (Read 4428 times)
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« on: December 25, 2012, 02:48:41 am »

So, we currently have the following series from Amanita, each with a specific theme and setting:

Samarost: Space
Machinarium: ..well, machines obviously, Robots and Steampunk
Botanicula: Nature

I like how Samarost has a nice balance between the tech of Machinarium and the organic scenery of Botanicula, and I wonder if this is a coincidence or a conscious design decision.

If there is a 4th series, what could its theme be? What would Amanita like to work on, and what would the fans like to see from them? Smiley

How about something based on local Czech folklore, with magic and classic fairytale elements like witches and princesses and stuff? Tongue Something like that done in the Amanita artstyle would be freakin beautiful!

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YAY Samorost 3!!! Now just waiting for Machinarium 2!! ^^
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