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June 19, 2024, 05:11:37 am

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Author Topic: What's with the locked door in the church circle?  (Read 6684 times)
little robot
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« on: April 17, 2013, 08:12:23 pm »

Alright, I can't stand secrets in video games I can't figure out... I've googled and googled and read, and actually could not find very many posts on this. Is that door open-able?

If it can't be, my theory is Amanita put it in as a way of keeping the player thinking. It's like a red herring, make us search a little harder. That's the most sense I can make of it. Otherwise it must take you to a secret "cow level."
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« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2013, 03:34:06 am »

Nah, the door cannot be opened.

Otherwise it must take you to a secret "cow level."

Maybe if Gary Larson had been one of the animators. =p
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