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Author Topic: Backgrounds from Machinarium by Jakub Pozar  (Read 7908 times)
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Old Official Backgrounds for Machinarium by Jakub Pozar (2008 year)
Jakub Pozar - graphic-artist worked on the game Machinarium in the 2008. He draw background and some of the objects from the beginning of the game to the level of a woman with umbrella.

Albums on Pavleye: http://www.pavleye.com/m#/artist/illustrators/jakub-pozar/detail/d2241
Albums on Picassa: http://picasaweb.google.com/117677494105221431162/SelectedWorks?gsessionid=tFTju41Dhf5b-TwRZ7wvAA

His works, as I think, has been edited by Adolf Lachman

Left - Jakub Pozar 2008 ; Right - Adolf Lachman 2009

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