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Author Topic: Chrome OS?  (Read 7726 times)
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« on: August 25, 2013, 07:58:22 am »


I can play the demo very well from my Chromebook, but unsure if I can pay for the full version and install it on the Chrome OS.  I don't currently have a dual boot and would like to avoid the whole rigamarole of getting Linux up and running just for Machinarium, but the game is so awesome I might be willing.  Any tips or experience out there?

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Theoretically, you may be able to run the Linux version on Chrome OS, except if they put limitations on running non-web applications.

Can you access the filesystem on a Chrome OS?

You can also extract the main .swf from the game executable and open it in the browser. I guess it'll be able to access all the game data as expected.

That's some things to try, I'm really not sure what could work as I'm not familiar with this system.
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