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June 19, 2024, 06:58:50 am

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Author Topic: Hi all! I'm back :D  (Read 10747 times)
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« on: January 09, 2016, 09:47:49 am »

I'm a long time did not write here Smiley
What's new?  Samorost3 very very soon!! Grin

* New picture of Samorost3 on Amanita twitter page (link)

* Will not be pre-order of Samorost3 (link)
JD: "We've decided not make pre-orders this time, but you can subscribe to our mailing-list at http://samorost3.net/ and we'll inform you immediately when the game is available."

* About Linux version of Samorost3 (link)
Q: No Linux version?
JD: not sure yet. we'd love it too, we are just not sure if it's even possible

* Jakub's daugther Mariana play-test Samorost3 (link)
JD: "My (almost) 3 years old daughter play testing #Samorost3. she just learned how to use a mouse but  prefers iPad."

* What about Machinarium 2? (link)
"JD: I'm sorry to disappoint you but we don't plan making Machinarium 2 in near future. maybe in a few years, who knows.. anyway, I believe Samorost 3 will make you happy, it's better than Machinarium in every way."

* Official anounce of Chuchel will be soon (link)
JD: Jaromír Plachý, the maker of Botanicula is working on new game called Chuchel (http://chuchel.net/) and I can tell it's even better and funnier than Botanicula. we'll bring news about this one soon so stay tuned.

* Animated PF2016 from Jaromir Plachy (link)

* Letter & PF2016 from Jakub Dvorsky
"Hi, We'd like to wish you Happy Holidays and a great 2016!
We'd like to also inform you about Samorost 3 development. We are working really hard and the game is almost finished, but we need a little bit more time to fix all the remaining bugs and polish everything. The game should be released in the first quarter of 2016 and we hope, you'll like it as we do!
All the best, Jakub Dvorsky"

* Priyma Collection
My collection of retail edtition & merch of Amanita Design now litlle bit more

* Samorost3 will be page in Steam with number 421120 (steam-link Samorost3) (now don't work)

* New reissue of Machinarium vinyl - OST LP Xmas edition on clear orange (link)

* I just little bit use photoshop Smiley Btw, Happy New Year! Cheesy

* Video-interview with Jakub Dvorsky on GDS 2015 (YouTube Link) (3:42-6:36)

* New page from Samorost3 sketchbook  (link)

* Photos from GDS'2015 (Prague, 27 november 2015) -Adolf Lachman & Vaclav Blin about art & animation in Samorost3

* About retail-edtion of Samorost3 (link)
"JD: we want to make really nice collector's box but we are not sure if it will be available at time of the digital release or a little later."
I imagine this Smiley (this is my fantasy! No official image)

* Samorost2 steam keys (link)
JD: "Hi all, Steam keys for Samorost 2 are now available for all users who bought this game on Humble Store, Humble Widget (through Amanita Design website store) or as a part of following Humble bundles: The Humble Weekly Sale: Amanita Design and friends, A Bundle of Love for Brandon Widget, Humble Indie Bundle 1, Humble Indie Bundle 2. Special Steam key which activates Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost 2 at once is/was distributed to users who bought Botanicula Debut Bundle on Humble bundle."

* Samorost3 on Steam Greenlight (approved for Steam distribution) & new pictures (steam-link)

* Page from Samorost3 sketchbook
JD: one of the early concept arts for #Samorost3. this one shows first sketches of the main hero's fungal spacecraft.

* New pictures from Jaromir Plachy

* New lo-fi video Samorost3 (YouTube Link)

* Jakub Dvorsky on ARS Independent (Polish, 22-27 sempteber)

* Interview with Jakub Dvorsky about Samorost3

* All gif's Samorost3
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This is awesome! Thanks for compiling this Cheesy
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