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July 21, 2024, 01:21:42 pm

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Author Topic: Too short  (Read 6452 times)
little rusty robot

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« on: April 05, 2016, 08:28:20 pm »

I have completed the game yesterday. I decided to finaly register, just to share my feelings.

I like it a lot. It has its surrealistic feel i loved in Samorost and especially Samorost2. It can also be a toy - just as Samorost2 which i play from time to time just to relax. I must say i like this mixture of fable-like simplicity, and some untangible misticism. Those monks that comunicate with spirits via the flutes. Whom they are, where they have come from, how have them obtained the flutes? Why have one of them turned evil?

Still, I am a bit dissapointed. The game is so short and easy. Machinarium required A LOT more time and mental strain to complete. And while it will take a lot time to find all the achievements, it so dissapointing the story have ended so quickly. I don't know why hintbook have been introduced. I didn't need it here, unlike in Machinarium, where I was stuck even after reading it. Logical puzzles are so easy they are hardly puzzles in Samorost3.

The dragon and the Electro Knight where both amazing. I have returned to "Robot Fables" and "The Cyberiad"  ( i am halfway through it) by Stanislaw Lem - the clear inspiration for both Machinarium and Samorost3.

Overaly Samorost3 is a very good game. I am waiting for Machinarium 2. ( i will probably skip Chuchel, for i didn't like Botanicula).
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