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Author Topic: Machinarium WALKTHROUGH  (Read 1706945 times)
little rusty robot

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Moderator Comment:  This excellent walkthrough is the work of forum member kburra ( thanks! )  Use it to help get a new perspective on the puzzles, but keep in mind that the only "official walkthoughs" are already built into the game.  ( and reproduced for you here in the Machinarium WALKTHROUGH thread )  If you get confused, remember to go back to those pictorial walkthoughs for clarification.  ~Alex

Please note I don't take full credit for this Walkthrough as I found much of it surfing the Net, and added some stuff myself, so credit to original posters also.  -kburra

General stuff:
You probably have found out yourself that each level has its own hints in pictorial form, just by clicking the box top right of the screen, here you need to shoot the spiders and dodge the bricks to get to the end to unlock the picture , as below.......also clicking on the light globe next to the box reveals a small clue also.

This then reveals the drawing and HINTS, as below

Start of game:

Click on the rusty tub to show your robot body. Click twice on the robot body to drop it near the robot head. Click on the head to connect the head with the body. Extend the head upwards and grab the teddy bear.

Use the teddy bear with the mouse like robot to get your legs. Pick up the magnet near the fan and then pick up the string from the roll of string on the floor. Combine the string with the magnet.

Click on the pole on the right to bend it and then use the string plus the magnet with the pole to get your right hand. Move to the right to exit the screen and get to the city gates.

Click on the cone on the floor to pick up the cone. Continue to click on the cone until you uncover the small bucket of paint. Use the cone with the bucket of white paint next to you on the left side of the screen.

Go to the pole and go up twice. Pick up the bottom bar and use it on the pole holes to reach higher. Go up one step and redo the same to reach higher until you get almost to the top. Once you cannot go higher, extend your neck and pick up the bulb.

Use the small bucket of paint you picked up earlier on the big bowl of paint and use the cone with it. Use the cone on yourself. Use the bulb on yourself and then extend your neck. Use the handle to call the guard to lower the bridge.

Once you fall, Stretch downwards to become shorter and under the water tank... click on the control panel. Select 2 and A then click on the red button. Go up the stairs and extend your neck. Grab the pole and move to the right to collect the knife. Go back on the stairs and pick up the bent rod under the switch.

Use the rod on the top to the stairs bar. Go down and use the knife like object with the bottom side of the rail. Click on the stairs bar. Pick up the wheel from the crashed cart and then use the cart to sit on it. Use the stairs bar.

Go on the far right and pick up the piece of metal hanged up near the door. Click the small glowing switch in the middle of the furnace to open the control panel on the right. Click on the control panel and change 1 to bottom, 2 to top, 3 to bottom. Click the red push on the right and then go straight into the cart.

As soon as the carrier picks you up click the arrow so that you jump on the shelf spot on the left door. Click on the panel and use the metal key on it. Use the panel and switch the top part so that you will have Black, Red, Black and Red from the left. Go down and click on the spark near the cart. Invert the wires as black with red and red with black. Click on the right panel near to call the crane and go straight into the cart and when the crane carries you to the right side, click on the tube on top of the right door.

Pick up the toilet paper and the grass from the right hand side. Extend you neck and use the wet grass on the lamp. Combine the grass with paper and give the cigarette to the robot sitting down. Move to the far left and shrink down near the hole. Click on the robots and then click on the top hole. Click on the cabinet to crab it. Keep on clicking on the cabinet until you drop the broom.

Go to the far right and click on the valve on the pipe until the handle drops. combine the handle with the broom and then use it to open the pot hole. Move to the right side of the screen. In the tunnel, use the broom with the pot hole.

Grab the chair and then pick up the beads from the table. When the robot goes to pick up more beads, use the beads on the floor under the control panel on the left. Also when the robot is picking up the beads from the wall, pick up the key from his back. Go up and use the use the key on the left hole on the panel.

Go to the left and to the far left of the screen to pass all the cell doors. Click on the control on the wall and enter 4:45 as the time to unlock the door. Enter the door and click on the cabinet. You will need to move all the green dots on the center diagram to open the door. Once you open the door you will get the gun. Go out of the cell and head into the middle cell and extend you neck so that you can pick up the plundger from the ceiling. and exit the screen to the right. Go up the stairs.

Once you are on top, go up the stairs and use the telescope. Click on the switch near the door and then click on the door to get out. Now move the crates to the far left of the screen and into the other screen until you move the crates under the magnet up the stairs. Click on the controls near the women with the umbrella. Now the tricky part is to invert the buttons making the down arrows at the bootom and the up arrows on the top. To do this move like this:

You have 7 places. Starting  from 1 at the top and 7 at the bottom. Move them like this. Move 5 to 4, 3 to 5, 2 to 3, 4 to 2, 6 to 4, 7 to 6, 5 to 7, 3 to 5, 1 to 3, 2 to 1, 4 to 2, 6 to 4, 5 to 6, 3 to 5 and 4 to 3.

Click on the level to pull down the magnet and then pull the lever up to lift one crate upwards. Push back the crate to the far right of the screen and into the screen, pushing it back to it's original location.

Move to the right and climb up the small pole on the floor. Climb up on the crate and extend your neck. Grab the ladder to go up to the room. On the controls make sure the the arrow on the right is point at around 4 o'clock and then hit the top button to move it. Once it moved near the ledge, click on the oil button until you lure the dog near the ledge.

Combine the plunger with the gun and use it on the dog. Use the plunger gun on the dog. Exit the screen to the left and give the dog to the lady with the umbrella. Use the umbrella on the water falling on the left side to exit the screen.

Move up the stairs and then move into the right door to enter the oil bar. Move to the right side and pick up the tape like thing from the shelf and sit down to play with OXO with the robot. Win against him and he will drop all the bolts on the floor. Pick up the five bolts and go outside.

Use the tape thing you picked up on the flies on the bottom right of the screen. Go back in the bar and use the flies with the barman. Pick up the oil tank. Use the bolts with the saxophone player outside and pick up the plant from the floor. Now go up the stairs past the door and up the stairs again. Go up the stairs on your left. Click on the lamp post control panel and one piece will fall. Move to the left on the bridge, and the owl will follow you. Extend and shrink your neck until the wire is cut and the owl falls to the ground. Pick up the piece.

Pick up the loose wire from the pole where the owl is and uses it on the fence. Go up the ladder and unplug the wire of the worker. You will fall down and when the worker is turned around pull the red wire hanging.

Now re-open the pole control panel and move the pieces aside until you make a single line from top to bottom. The piece that you have picked up from the owl must be place on the top left corner of the puzzle.

Now climb the ladder from the right hand side and try to pick up the cat. Then walk down and to the pole control panel. Move a piece to cut electricity and pick up the cat. Go down to the musicians again and use the cat with the tube of the last musician. Pick up the broken radio.

Now go back up the stairs, past the door and the other stairs until you come to the towne centre. Move to the left and on the outer wall in front of the fountain (Center bottom screen) pick up the winding handle. Use the handle in the hole under the big clock and set it on VII and the middle clock on the ~. Look at the sign where the lady was sitting and set the clock on the time specified on the note.

Go up the stairs on the right and into the room. Pick up the speaker and go down the stairs. Talk to the old man on the wheel chair and he will give you an oil container. Go down near the musicians and exit the door to the left. Use the oil container with the dripping oil. Go back to the old man and give the oil to him. Re-pick up the oil container and get click the pothole to open it. Get down the pothole.

Move to the right and open the drawer. Keep moving the pages until you get to the end and pick up the wrench. Move near the pipes and use them. Pick up the small piece of iron hanging on the pipes.

Go down near the drain and use the piece of iron with the drain to get another wrench. Now go on the pipes again and use wrenches as follows...

Use the two wrenches on the first two columns on the top row and the third wrench on the second column in the second row. This will stop the water. Use the radio with the drawer cabinet and talk to the big wrench on the big pipe to flood the oil bar.

Go up the ladder and enter the fountain. Open the door on the right and go down on the elevator. Push the red button on the wall to go down. Click on the window to talk to the other robot. Open the cabinet, pick up the corn and pick up the boiling pot. Use the pot on the floor and use the corn with the hot plate. Pick up the hook from the floor and use the hook with the window. Click on the window to control the other robot. Climb up the pot on the floor and use the hook with the air conditioner on the ceiling. Use it again to get the iced pipes. Climb down and use the pot on the hot plate. Use the pipes on the pot and the rubber pipe will come out. Use the rubber pipe with the oil dispenser. Use the puller on the elevator to start it and then, to make it work you basically need to swap the bottom levers with the top levers on the control panel. Use the diagram below to solve the puzzle.

Once you got it, move the elevator upwards. Click on the fan and answer each question incorrectly to make the fan blow faster and make the engine go out. Click on the pipe.

Pick up the stick from the first plant and then use the control panel on the right wall. Basically here you need to make all the lights go green. If you don't manage, you can check out the diagram below for more advice.

Once you get the first three, click on their main switch to make the plant grow. Go up the stairs and use the stick with the flower's mouth to get the magnifying glass. Use the magnifying glass with the butterfly flying near the window. Go down the stairs and use the magnifying glass with the projection machine. Click on the second drawer on the table and use the drawer with the projection machine.

Now go back to the control panel on the wall on your right and do the other three puzzles like the ones before. If you get stuck you can use the below shortcut. Activate the second switch on the panel.

Move the ray gun on the empty pot and use the plant on the empty plot. Go to the control panel on the right and use the first switch to make your plant grow. Use the plant to get the seeds. Click on the panel on the left wall and enter the butterfly pattern as you have seen it before with the magnifying glass. Exit to the left.

Use the seeds with the machine on your right and use the oil can of the old man with the end of the machine. Move the machine up and down to produce the juice.Move near the guard and use the pic on his right to go down. Go near the old man and give him the sun flower oil can.

Go to the stairs to lead you here you found the cat and use the ticket the old man gave you on the slot on the left side door. Enter the door.

Get on the pedal machine and stat pedaling to generate power for the arcade machine 1. Go on the machine one and score 1000 at Space Invaders to get a coin. When done, use the pedal machine again but not move the level on the left to 2. Once the power is up move to the  2nd machine. Basically, this you need to pass the five levels to get the second coin. You must move the boxes and make your way out of the level. To do this you need to move the small red box in the big red box. See below

Once done, pick up the coin and go the pedal machine. Switch to 3 and power up the last machine. The machine is busted. Move out and go near the old man. Use the two coins to get the two batteries from the vending machine. Pick up the ribbon near the old man in the wheel chair .Go down the stairs and grab the pipe to get back near the guard. Combine the batteries with the ribbon. Give the batteries to the guard so that he lets you through. Exit the screen from the left.

Once inside, click on the plant to put soil on the floor. Once the robot comes out to clean, pick him up. Use the bulb with the control panel on the slot on the top right corner. Form a star with the tip on top and you will go up the elevator...See below

Once out on the left side there is a switch. Move it downwards until it reaches the bathroom and then climb on the vacuum to grab the scissors. Move it forward until it is under the lighting. Use the panel on the right to switch off electricity. Climb up the vacuum and pick up the lighting. Climb down and use the lighting with the vacuum. Now move the vacuum in the bathroom again. Go into the bathroom and use the lighting with the toilet. Go back to the switch on the other screen and move the vacuum towards you.

Go back in the bathroom and use the toilet paper. Once you are down near the bomb, click on the bomb to swing on it. Once on the bomb, use control panel. In the control panel follow the wires of the numbers and re-order the fuses according to the order in which is written on the control panel door. Click on the door once done to go up. Go near the elevator and go up the stairs.

After the cut-scene, go to the far left of the screen and use the cabinet. Open the door and you need to move the green dots on the start position. See below

Once ready you will get the extension cord. Use the extension cord with the stung robot. Now you are in his brain. To pass this you must kill all the red viruses to revive him. Once out, head down and get into the lift. Use the bulb he gave you and use make the diagram he told you to. Once you get it, exit the elevator. If you are stuck with how to make the bulbs code,use the diagram below.

Move to the right and from under the sunken room, pick up the hammer and use i with the circular glass that is holding the key under the kitchen. Go into the elevator and use the key in the keyhole near the plant on the right hand side. Pick up the freeze spray. Exit the elevator and go near the locket. Use the freeze spray on the locket and then use the hammer on the locket to smash it.

In the room, click on the screen with the grid and orange background and set it to 7.0 and 108. Note the sounds that it makes and memorize them. Exit the screen to your right and move on the far left side of the tower. Use the control panel and reproduce the sounds from the machine.

If you are stuck on how to play it, then user the following sequence. Picture the keys as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from the left side and play 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3........use the picture below for more help.

Moderator comment: I saw that the links were broken, so I fixed them. Smiley ~Lamkin
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The following walkthrough is taken from the in-game walkthrough given to you on each level through the hint book. To access the walkthrough pages you need to play a small mini-game each time to open the book. If you get stuck a lot and need help, this can get very tedious. Below are links to all of the pages of the walkthrough book:

1. Intro
2. PatrolStation
3. ValleyTrench
4. Furnace
5. PrisonCell
6. PrisonControlRoom
7. PrisonCorridor
8. Hangout
9. Catch the Dog Part 1
10. Catch the Dog Part 2
11. BackAlley
12. Bar
13. TenementStaircase
14. ChurchTemple
15. Catch the Cat
16. DrainageSewer
17. SideElevator
18. Kitchen
19. Outside of the Greenhouse
20. Greenhouse
21. GreenhouseBalcony
22. Arcade
23. Elevator
24. Lobby
25. Bathroom
26. BombDefusion
27. Dome
28. BarBasement
29. Rooftop

Moderator comment: Alex suggested removing the links to the old images on Photobucket ('cause they had annoying ads) and uploading them using a different file sharing service without ads. So I removed the old links, but instead of using the old images, I created new, clearer images and uploaded them to the new service.
And thanks go out to thejoe for starting this walkthrough post! ~Lamkin
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