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Author Topic: "Young Chuchels" from DVA's OST "Cherries On Air"  (Read 16351 times)
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« on: March 02, 2018, 07:32:04 pm »


Young Chuchels' written by DVA for CHUCHEL's original soundtrack

April 27, 2018 update
Bára Ungerová and Jan Kratochvíl take full advantage of their musical creativity, including their own language (in this case, perhaps the closest to English). They have packed the set of twenty-three tracks with a handful of preludes and interludes that are interwoven with regular melodies with near poplike contours. Their own humour is also present (reflected in the titles of the tracks), while also present is playfulness, attention to detail, and the childlike excitement of the world of Chuchel and Kekel. Cherries On Air is fast-paced and spirals forward, just like the action sequences of the game itself. Also present are sampled bustle effects and pre-recorded loops of distorted human voices, almost as if Bára and Jan intended to transform all the virtual dialogues of the characters from the game itself. The variety begins with the splendid Buena Vista Chuchel Club, and the captivating Chuchel Walk With Me leads to a dreamlike alternative world of the secretive maze of puzzles. On the other hand, the Young Chuchels is interwoven with rap and “Labyrinth presents itself as an unexpected ambient final touch. The Botanicula Soundtrack is, therefore, a less madcap vanguard than Cherries On Air (Chuchel Soundtrack) although it can be assumed that this was the intention of the duo from the beginning.

LP [180 gram LP on transparent red vinyl] can be pre-ordered in the online store now. All pre-orders will be shipped on May 31st (2018).

Cherries On Air (Chuchel Soundtrack) is out now via various digital and streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Juno & Bandcamp.

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saw the video for this yesterday and immediately bought the game.  Oh the LOLs
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