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Author Topic: An idea for Machinarium 2...  (Read 5476 times)
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« on: January 23, 2010, 12:02:22 am »

Firstly I just want to say what an absolutely beautiful game Machinarium is and achingly cute. I adored every single moment of it and I hope Amanita Design make a sequel. Perhaps they won't, maybe they will who knows but here's how I'd start a new story.

Our hero (does he have a name?) and his girlfriend are a happy couple living in a tiny shack far away from the city. Today though will test our hero's resolve when his girlfriend's power cell malfunctions and she 'dies' right there in front of him. Our hero weeps for his love but then a thought occurs to him: remove her power cell and take it to the city to re-charge it. When he gets back he can re-activate her and all will be well again. His journey however will be fraught with danger and evil doing as the terrible threesome make a return to hinder his quest. Our hero finds it hard to keep a hold of his loves power cell after it first gets stolen from him and then later he drops it down a deep dark hole!

When he finally gets back to his shack after a pretty epic quest he finds his home has been demolished and his girlfriend has been swept away like a piece of rubbish...now he must find her before she's lost forever.

What do you think? Incidentally if Amanita Design are reading this, you do indeed make a sequel and you use at least some of this idea (fat chance) a credit would be nice.  Wink

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