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Author Topic: The Acegamez Awards "Best Traditional Adventure Game" to Machinarium  (Read 9129 times)
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Best Traditional Adventure Game: Machinarium
Despite Tales of Monkey Island achieving the almost impossible feat of being a more than worthy addition to possibly the greatest point-and-click franchise in history, the Monkey Island vote was split between this and the original Special Addition, leaving  a little known game from the Czech Republic a winner no one could argue with. Acegamez Dave Cook explains why: "Machinarium's great handle on visual comedy helps its lead robot become an instantly likeable character without even saying a word. Tomas Dvorak's soundtrack is chilling and the hand drawn visuals are painstakingly beautiful. This is a true labour of love for the developer and it will leave a lasting impression on you as well."

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Well... it's a way to describe adventure games... a few weeks ago, I started a topic on a gamer's board... it's quite an old board, and they are experimented gamers... the subject was adventure games, so I quite clearly excluded in the subject games like Pr Layton (puzzle games) or Zelda (action-RPG). Funny thing is they just, all of them, moaned, saying that adventure game is not a proper genre, as every game is an adventure. I tried to explain it, I showed them websites, wikipedia's definition, everything. And you know what ? They just stated that Uncharted 2 is an adventure game (yes, the massive killing action game), while all the adventure games we love are just nerdy point and clic oldies. I stated then that Final Fight was probably a fighting game, because you fight, and Zelda a jewelry game because you collect rubies, but never it made them change their mind. And it quite shocked me, from experimented (and long time known) gamers.

So I suppose it's a gentle way to not irritate people. Even if I don't agree.
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